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Building Successful Skilled Professionals

Shandong Vocational College of Industry is a state-run public full-time ordinary university directly affiliated to the Government and the Ministry of Education. It is an outstanding evaluation unit for the talent training work of the Ministry of Education, and an excellent demonstration ( backbone ) vocational college.

Shandong Vocational College is a state-owned public full-time general college directly under the Government and directly affiliated to the Department of Education. It is an excellent evaluation unit for the talent training level of the Ministry of Education and an excellent model (backbone) higher vocational college.

The school’s new campus covers an area of ​​573 acres with a building area of ​​over 260,000 square meters. There are 8 teaching units including Chemical Engineering, Pharmaceutical and Biological Engineering, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, Automation and Information Engineering, Business School, Basic Course, Ideological and Political Education, and Technical Department. There are six major categories in the categories: Automation, Information, and Economics. 37 professional courses (including directions) are offered. Currently, there are more than 12,000 students in school, nearly 600 teaching staff, including nearly 400 full-time teachers, 22 high-professional titles, 198 associate high professional titles, 17 teachers with doctoral degrees, and 209 teachers with master’s degrees. There are 2 excellent teaching teams in the national petrochemical industry, 3 provincial teaching teams, 8 industry teaching teachers, 12 national skill competition referees, and 35 experts in the National Industry Teaching Steering Committee.

National Teaching Achievement Awards

In the past three years, the school has won two second prizes in national teaching achievement, and was selected into the “Education Education Informationization Teaching Demonstration Course” at the Central Electrification Education Center; the school teachers won two first prizes in the National Vocational College Informatization Teaching Contest.

Life at Shandong

The school is a training base for high-skilled personnel in Hunan Province and a demonstration base for talent training in Hunan Province. It is the secretariat unit for the computer and chemical professional committees of the Expert Committee for Professional Skills Appraisal in Hunan Province.

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12000 Students in the School

600 in-service faculty members 

400 full-time teachers 

22 high-ranking titles 

198 associate professors 

17 teachers with doctoral degrees 

209 teachers with master’s degrees

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